Join Ashley Baxter & Paddy Donnelly on a journey to figure out how to create a business doing what you love.

#6: Turning Your Passion Into A Business

11 June 2014

How do you actually go about flipping a passion into a money making venture that you can live off? We discuss the various steps you should take as your turn a hobby into a job. Any niche passion can make money, so why not yours?

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#5: Stop Celebrating Failure

04 June 2014

Why are we being encouraged to fail all the time? 'Fail early, fail often'. 'Fail, fail, fail'. Failure is a big deal, so why are we trivialising it? Why are we being bombarded with the negative side of failure, rather than focusing on the positives? There are valuable lessons to be learned from failure, but we need to stop celebrating it.

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#4: Talent Vs Hard Work

28 May 2014

How does success seemingly come so easily to others, when I have to work so hard for it? When you look at talented, successful people, you're only seeing the finished product, not all the hard work they put in. Talent gets your foot in the door, it's the hard work that makes up the other 99.9%. On the show we chat about confidence in your own work, and how a lack of it can sometimes lead to you feeling like an impostor.

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#3: Collaboration

21 May 2014

Ashley gets angry at herself in this episode on collaboration. We try to define what exactly counts as collaborating and Ashley talks about her frustrations of working solo on projects. How do you make yourself available for collaboration and how do you brand your role within a team? We also touch on ownership of a project and the advantages of working solo vs collaborating.

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#2: Time Mismanagement and Saying No

14 May 2014

Don't have enough hours in the day? In this episode Ashley and Paddy discuss how badly they manage their time. Taking on too much work, saying yes to everything and switching off are all on the agenda this week. If you find yourself swamped with work and unable to say no, this one is for you.

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#1: Doing What You Love

07 May 2014

In this first episode, Ashley and Paddy introduce the Working Out podcast and what it's about, touching upon where they're both currently at in developing their passion-based businesses, and where they ultimately want to be.

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